Web3 product management

San Francisco, Paris, Rome

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We do research and development using distributed ledgers and the new decentralized software stack

We launch moonshot projects to help build the next Internet, advising companies and projects

We organize courses and mastermind retreats on blockchain technologies

Fermi - Web3 R&D

We're a team of computer scientists, product managers, designers and entrepreneurs governed by Holacracy principles.

Our clients range from early stage startups to big multinational companies. We've worked with Ledger (crypto), Samsung (digital healthcare), Trax (Augmented Reality and ML) and more.

  • Web3 dev

    We co-design and develop dApps solutions that will power the next Internet, enabling new business models while advising companies and projects.

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  • Structures and planning

    We help institutions, governments and companies to work with the right resources, countries and regulatory environments.

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  • Mastermind groups

    We empower organizations and individuals to grasp the latest technologies and best practices via courses and peer learning.

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This space is moving so fast that a thorough understanding of projects and news is crucial in discerning facts from hype.



People are still key. Our work experience in Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia allows us to understand users, products and startups.



Some of the best minds in the crypto space are joining us to deliver the latest insights, online and offline at amazing locations. Learn More


Research and Development

for distributed ledger projects


Courses and retreats on blockchain

Startup incubator

launching decentralized companies


analysis and due diligence